Monday, June 4, 2007

Busyness of June

June is such a busy time for us.
The kids decide to go on a structure binge since the school year (which we don't follow) is coming to an end and I guess my kids should show that they've done at least a tiny bit of "school work".
The year end performance is coming up. It consists of music (whole family is involved), dancing (whole family is involved and I'm the teacher), gymnastics (whole family involved and Ian's the teacher), acting (whole family is involved since Lisa is directing Hamlet) and speech arts (some of family is involved). As you can probably guess, that keeps us quite busy.
We have our farm to look after.
There's a homeschool non competitive track and field meet. Which is more about staying fit and accomplishing personal goals than winning.
We want to spend more time outdoors.
The next member of our family is due to be born any day.

June has only just begun to and I'm already exhausted.

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