Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The super strict curriculum

The soon-to-be school has been asking for curriculum or rather, the people running the will-be school have been asking for curriculum ideas. So, my kids decided that they would send in a curriculum. I'd thought they would send in something very unstructured maybe even a letter ranting about how no curriculum was needed, but I could not of been more wrong. They've spent hours writing it out. If the "school board" chooses this (which I hope they don't because it is horrendously structured) there would be absolutely no planning needed, my kids have it timed to the minute as well as every single textbook and workbook you could ever want, probably more than you'd ever want. It doesn't suit the philosophy my kids have been brought up with and when asked if they would use this curriculum there was a definite "no way!".


Miranda said...

Too funny! I wonder where your kids got such negative ideas about the structure of schooling? Have any of them ever been?

Allison said...

Sarah went to school for one day in grade 3. The teacher wanted to see what she knew and gave her lots of tests. Sarah hated it. I think my kids now think that school is a place of tests.

Miranda said...

Eww... Right. Erin went to school for 2 days in Grade 4 and the teachers were all keen to represent the school in a very positive light, so they were super flexible, friendly and accommodating. "Placement" didn't come into it at all -- PR was the name of the game! I think the teacher thought she could convince her that school was fun and interesting. "Yeah, that was okay," said Erin, at the end of the experiment, "but I sure wouldn't want to have to do it every day."