Monday, April 30, 2007

Janet's quiz

Janet has made her quiz here it is:
My result was:
What's Your Homeschool Style
Your Result: Unschool

You believe learning comes naturally and that you're learning 24/7. Many people who don't homeschool don't understand unschooling, but that doesnt mean it's bad. You have little tolerence for curriculums.

Unit Studies
School at home
What's Your Homeschool Style
Make Your Own Quiz

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Broken bones

Today our town with a population of 417 with two good arms was reduced to 415.
Janet and a friend dared each other two jump out of an oak tree. They were pretty low down but high enough that it was dangerous. They jumped at the same time so unfortunately neither of them were able to see what happened and not jump. We managed to get there arms on splints and then drove as quickly as you can on a rugged back country road to the doctor's office. What a day!


P.S. Kids are crazy, especially mine.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

What's Your Homeschool Style

I stumbled onto this one recently:

Here's our result:
Swiss Family Robinson If you can grow it, pick it, preserve it, or butcher it, you own it. Otherwise, you do without. Youd prefer to live off-grid from the power company, since youre nearly self-sufficient already. You enjoy unit studies for the way they utilize all facets of life and truly incorporate life and education as a whole, not as separate entities.

Then I found this one:

My result:
Unschooling or Child Directed: Parents who choose an Unschooling or Child Directed teaching style base their approach on the interests and natural learning patterns of their individual child. This style avoids use of textbooks, reviewing, quizzing, or even formal testing. The child's natural curiosity and interests are the key to the daily activities. There is a large emphasis on imagination, nature, art, music and almost no formal curriculum is used. There is no use of lesson plans, a defined "school" time, or even any type of grading. The child's environment, though controlled, is used as the bases of learning. A great curriculum choice for this type of teaching style is Unit Studies. Unit Studies allow the child's interests to control the basis of study.

And this one:

30-36 total strongly suggests you would have no problem creating your children’s educational program.

Now Janet and Ian are making their own homeschool style quiz, I'll post it soon!


Monday, April 23, 2007

Joy of spring

We spent all weekend out side, gardening, at the beach, in the forest behind our house and playing Noah Ball ( base ball Noah style, where you must cart wheel between bases and there are no strikes). You would think every weed had been pulled out of the garden but somehow another one pops up. Some rabbits have decided to move into our garden and each day there are a few more leaves gone from our plants. The kids decided to spring clean there tree houses and have spent a lot of time in the forest which is nicely situated behind our house. I love how, now that it is spring we can kick off our shoes and fly across the sweet smelling grass so freely. No more bundling up, which, with 7 kids takes a long time. This is the time when I'm so glad that the kids aren't stuck in a stuffy classroom but rather enjoying spring to it's fullest. All formal math as been abandoned but that is fine with me as mother nature provides us with a beautiful math of it's own which is there just you don't think about it. I'm a big fan of Richard Louv's "Last Child in the Woods" and am always keen for the kids to go outside which works well as they too are always keen to be outdoors.


Monday, April 16, 2007

More music trauma

After Sarah did her violin practice today she was extremely frustrated. She stormed out of the room she was practicing in and said her fingers felt "as big a huge sausages" and that she would "rather people gobble them up then have to use them again." However later when she at down at the piano she launched into her grade 9music and had no complaints.
Hopefully violin goes better tomorrow.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

D sharp trouble

Today Martin came to me looking very serious. I thought I was in for an "I want global warming to stop this very instant" rant. But no.

Martin:"I've got a problem"
Me:"What is it?"
Martin:"I composed a piece, but my D sharp sounds to natural."
Me:"Any ideas on what to do?"
Martin:"Not really, can you help me."
Me:"I could try but I don't have a good ear.

Martin is so serious,especially when it comes to music. He is very critical of his playing.


Thursday, April 12, 2007


Okay, I should talk about what we're doing.
We are currently working on a Tomato project:
Katherine loves it,she is quite the gardener and is always saying "Mum, we should get planting some vegetables."
We have our suspicions about which group is which. I can't wait to find out!


Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Well hello!
I'm very excited to be blogging!But I must warn you,being an unschooling mum means I don't have a lot of time to blog, but I'll do my best!