Sunday, April 15, 2007

D sharp trouble

Today Martin came to me looking very serious. I thought I was in for an "I want global warming to stop this very instant" rant. But no.

Martin:"I've got a problem"
Me:"What is it?"
Martin:"I composed a piece, but my D sharp sounds to natural."
Me:"Any ideas on what to do?"
Martin:"Not really, can you help me."
Me:"I could try but I don't have a good ear.

Martin is so serious,especially when it comes to music. He is very critical of his playing.



Anonymous said...

I envy you so much. My children have absolutely no ear for music and always think their playing is great. You are so lucky!


Allison said...

Well it isn't always smooth! See "More muisc trauma"


Shawna said...

LOL At least you can offer to help--I have no musical ability or knowledge!