Thursday, April 26, 2007

What's Your Homeschool Style

I stumbled onto this one recently:

Here's our result:
Swiss Family Robinson If you can grow it, pick it, preserve it, or butcher it, you own it. Otherwise, you do without. Youd prefer to live off-grid from the power company, since youre nearly self-sufficient already. You enjoy unit studies for the way they utilize all facets of life and truly incorporate life and education as a whole, not as separate entities.

Then I found this one:

My result:
Unschooling or Child Directed: Parents who choose an Unschooling or Child Directed teaching style base their approach on the interests and natural learning patterns of their individual child. This style avoids use of textbooks, reviewing, quizzing, or even formal testing. The child's natural curiosity and interests are the key to the daily activities. There is a large emphasis on imagination, nature, art, music and almost no formal curriculum is used. There is no use of lesson plans, a defined "school" time, or even any type of grading. The child's environment, though controlled, is used as the bases of learning. A great curriculum choice for this type of teaching style is Unit Studies. Unit Studies allow the child's interests to control the basis of study.

And this one:

30-36 total strongly suggests you would have no problem creating your children’s educational program.

Now Janet and Ian are making their own homeschool style quiz, I'll post it soon!



Shawna said...

Since I am not homeschooling yet I decided not to take them. Once we do our trial run this summer, I'll take the quizes and post the results :-)

Shawna said...

OK, so I did the last one and here are the results:

19-24 total indicates you would be comfortable using some type of lesson plan system that you can modify to suit your needs. Good options might be the lesson plans from Catholic Heritage Curriculum or syllabi offered by Mother of Divine Grace or Saint Thomas Aquinas Academy.