Monday, April 23, 2007

Joy of spring

We spent all weekend out side, gardening, at the beach, in the forest behind our house and playing Noah Ball ( base ball Noah style, where you must cart wheel between bases and there are no strikes). You would think every weed had been pulled out of the garden but somehow another one pops up. Some rabbits have decided to move into our garden and each day there are a few more leaves gone from our plants. The kids decided to spring clean there tree houses and have spent a lot of time in the forest which is nicely situated behind our house. I love how, now that it is spring we can kick off our shoes and fly across the sweet smelling grass so freely. No more bundling up, which, with 7 kids takes a long time. This is the time when I'm so glad that the kids aren't stuck in a stuffy classroom but rather enjoying spring to it's fullest. All formal math as been abandoned but that is fine with me as mother nature provides us with a beautiful math of it's own which is there just you don't think about it. I'm a big fan of Richard Louv's "Last Child in the Woods" and am always keen for the kids to go outside which works well as they too are always keen to be outdoors.


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Shawna said...

Lots of bunnies here as well. I don't know if I enjoy watching them more or if my dog Buddy enjoys chasing them more (he never hurts them, just chases.)

And thanks for the heads up on the book. I have heard of it a few times and meant to pick it up--guess I better get with it!

Enjoy your Spring!