Sunday, April 29, 2007

Broken bones

Today our town with a population of 417 with two good arms was reduced to 415.
Janet and a friend dared each other two jump out of an oak tree. They were pretty low down but high enough that it was dangerous. They jumped at the same time so unfortunately neither of them were able to see what happened and not jump. We managed to get there arms on splints and then drove as quickly as you can on a rugged back country road to the doctor's office. What a day!


P.S. Kids are crazy, especially mine.


Anonymous said...

That was my crazy daughter! I think it was hher idea. :( You should of written "Kids are crazy, especially Kathleen's!"Sorry again.

Kathleen, mother of Mandy with a broken arm, Shamrock, Justin, Timmy, and Cassy. Living in the back country.

Shawna said...

Some gravity lesson, huh? LOL

I hope they are both doing well; I can only imagine the story they can share now.

And wow, I thought I lived in fairly small rural place with 32,000 LOL

Allison said...

Kathleen it's fine! At least they won't do it again.

They're both doing fine. Janet's biggest complaint is that she can only play harp with her right hand. Mandy on the other hand can't play violin anymore.