Thursday, May 10, 2007

Attic Discoveries

Every year we have a few major clean outs and every year one of them happens in the spring (when else would you do spring cleaning?). But this year we decided to go beyond the main floors, to the attic. The kids play up there a lot, it's their space and it's never, ever seen by the adults, until now. Its a real mess up there, boxes everywhere, artwork from 4 years ago falling of the walls, a mock bird nest, a real bee hive (without the bees), seed catalogs from 10 years ago ect... But we've found that the messier the place, the more interesting your discoveries. So despite it looking like a lot of hard work, the kids were pretty excited.
We did discover some quite interesting things : some old fiddle music, a big box of water colours, a Venetian mask, famous quotes from Shakespeare (Lisa is in love with Shakespeare right now so this was a BIG hit), a sweater Sarah had as a baby, a vegetarian cookbook (we're vegetarians so this should gives us a few more meal ideas) ect...The best discovery however was "Great Northern?" by Arthur Ransome from the Swallows and Amazons series which we are almost ready to read and we would of had to buy it because there was no other way to get it. Even Noah who had said he'd rather read Zoo books then S&A was thrilled (I think he changed his mind about which he preferred).
Same as every year we also found one of Noah's socks lying around, its become a tradition to find it during spring cleaning!

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Shawna said...

Who knew cleaning could be such fun!!! I want an attic now LOL Attics and basements aren't things you have in California. There are these crawl spaces called attics but they are not the kind you can make a room out of nor store things in. An attic sounds so romantic and nastalgic :-)