Monday, May 14, 2007

Viking Fractions

Katherine has been trying and failing to get a grasp on fractions for a while now and today she just about completely gave up. But once again Thor and his worshipers saved her.
I took a sobbing Katherine and showed her that if 1/2 the percentage of Vikings were men and 1/2 of them were brave and only men could be warriors and all men were worriers then 1/4 of the population would be brave worriers. She loved this.We went on to say that 3/4 of those brave warriors went to Valhalla so 1/4 don't. If 1/8 of the Viking women decided to go be worriers then 7/8 decided not to be worriers.
Later when I was folding laundry and Katherine was sitting there watching me she said "You just folded Martin's shirt into 1/4. "

She really seems to have the hang of fractions now.


Brit said...

Great idea! With my DS (8) he liked figuring out how old everyone was using fractions. Mom was 2 9/10 decades old. He is 8 5/12 years old. Anything that gets the math off his paper out into his day-to-day world.
PS I really enjoy your blog.

Allison said...

That's another good idea!
Your blog is great too. I've added it to my favourite sites.

Shawna said...

When learning fits into our real lives, it is no longer education, but fun and liberating! Way to go with using the Vikings!

Allison said...

Well Vikings is Katherine's passion right now!