Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Science Magazine Mania

Yesterday 3 of our 8 science magazines arrived in the mail. Yes mag http://www.yesmag.bc.ca/ Know magazine http://www.knowmag.ca/ and brand new for us, Zoobooks http://www.zoobooks.com/. Noah must of read Zoobooks cover to cover as his nose as been in it ever since it arrived and despite Swallows and Amazons being one of his favourite series he refused to listen to it last night as Zoobooks was "10 zillion times more interesting" and then as an after thought "Sorry Arthur Ransome". So between reading Zoobooks and looking up the animals in our Animal Encyclopedia he must be the animal expert in the family, although he probably already was.
The other two magazines Yes mag "On Top of the World" and Know "Kitchen Chemistry" were not quite as popular this time, although we did have a lot of fun making chocolate chip cookies and we're planing on making mock apple pie and serving it to our friends and seeing if they think it's apple pie. Martin thinks that the most likely reason for them to guess is Katherine will be so eager to tell them she'll spill the beans. We'll have to see.


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Shawna said...

I love magazines too...unfortunately, my youngest cannot seem to sit still ong enough to enjoy them yet. He does like the finding things in The Hidden Picture part of Highlights.

And I just ordered a total guy magazine for my teen and adult son--so far I have seen my teen lounging on the bed browsing it and that pleases me. I love to see a young person reading any day!!!