Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mathematical Triumphs

It's not exactly world news breaking but my kids are proud so they are triumphs:

Sarah has finished Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra so we've ordered Algebra 1 and also Algebra 2 (so its there when she's ready).

Lisa is halfway through Math 7 loving it. Which is strange (but good) as she's always hated math.

Noah has just begun Singapore 5A

Janet is almost done Singapore Math 3B

Katherine is working steadily through Singapore Math 2B

Martin recently asked if he could do formal math and amazed us all by being ready for 2A

And if everyone else was doing math Hailey wanted to do it too so she pulled a very used copy of 1A and got working!


Shawna said...

Very cool! You will soon have a house of math wizards :-)

Allison said...

Yes! lol