Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A bit more about us

My intro really wasn't that great. So I'm going to tell you a bit more about us.

Ian, 34 is my dh and is a very supportive and loving man. He is the owner of a hardware store, gymnast as well as he main farmer on our family farm. He loves to build, read, play cello, spend time out doors and play with the kids in is free time.

Me, 32 am a part time ballet teacher and hardware store worker as well as a full time unschool mom and farmer. My hobbies include reading, violin, weaving, knitting, baking, crochet and hiking.

Sarah, 11 is a bright and talented girl who has been to school for only one day of her life. She is an very good musician and plays violin, piano, cello and voice. She also loves dancing, reading, writing, animals, nature, figure skating and drawing.

Lisa, 10 is passionate about poetry, Shakespeare, cello, dance, piano, figure skating and nature. She has never been to school but is very happy to spend her days at home, with friends or on an exciting field trip.

Noah, 8 loves math and science and excels in both. He's very proud to of been home educated is whole life. He currently is very interested in forensics and is both a violist and gymnast.

Janet, 7 is the only harpist in the family and is proving to be very good. She loves computers and the most likely place to find her is at the computer, playing harp or having a good look at the natural world with her binoculars.

Katherine, 6 is the most extroverted of the bunch (and she's still an introvert). She is always keen to try new things and is a violinist, dancer, author, figure skater, and viking lover.

Martin, 4 is already a historian and especially loves the baroque period. He is an avid bookworm, cellist, dancer, and artist. If you met him you would probably think he was a very small 7 or 8 year old.

Hailey, 3 is all energy and joy. She is determined to pass me in her violin skill and wants to be able to read, ride a two wheel bike, knit, bake cookies by herself, count up to trillion and meet a fairy by the time she's 4.

Well that's our family!